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Adrian Paulino S. Ramos
The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. In the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board, he shall call to order and preside in all meetings of stockholders of the Company and of the Board.
Subject to the supervision control of the Board of Directors, the President shall have general management and supervision of the business affairs and property of the Company and to employ, appoint and remove officers, agents and employees of the Company. He shall see to it that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried into effect.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, the President, together with the Chairman of the Board shall submit to the stockholders at each annual meeting, a complete report of the operations of the Company for the preceding year and the state of its affairs, and he shall, from time to time report to the Board of Directors all matters within his knowledge which the interests of the Company may require to be brought to their notice. He shall do and perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned to him by the Board of Directors.
Treasurer and VP-Administration
The Treasurer shall have charge of the funds, securities, receipts and disbursements of the Company. He shall deposit or cause to be deposited all moneys and other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Company in such banks or trust companies or with such bankers or other depositories as the Board of Directors whenever required an account on the financial condition of the Company and all his transactions as Treasurer.
Within a reasonable time after the close of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall make and submit to the Board of Directors a like report for such fiscal year. He shall keep correct books of account of all the businesses and transactions of the Company. In case of absence of the Treasurer or his ability to act, the Assistant Treasurer, or if there be more than one, such assistant treasurer as the Board of Directors may designate, shall have the foregoing powers and duties.
Reports to the President, he responsible for maintaining efficient administrative functioning. Helps evaluate proposed new initiatives and guides the Management, together with the employees toward fulfillment of the Company’s mission, vision and strategic plan.
The VP for Administration sets overall direction of the Company to ensure it meets its strategic goals. He directs the Administration Department and supervises the implementation of the Company’s policies and procedures regarding the hiring, firing, training, and discipline of personnel. He is likewise responsible for the administration of salaries and fringe benefits of the employees.
He ensures the provision of timely and adequate support services such as messengerial, janitorial, and security services for the facilities and work place. He ensures the cost-efficient procurement of equipment and supplies, and the maintenance/repair of Company assets.
Reynaldo E. Nazarea
Treasurer &
VP for Administration
Dennis V. Panganiban
VP - Exploration & Production
VP - Exploration and Production
The VP for E&P reports to the President and is responsible for the provision of strategic direction and overall leadership for the delivery of all E&P activities, including geological and geophysical activities, the assessment of existing and potential new assets and activities related to the production of these assets.
His primary responsibilities include: (1) Analyzing and evaluating the opportunities, risk, and profits for oil and gas exploration, development and exploitation. Initiates exploration plans based on compliance with applicable regulations. (2) Developing exploration plans and budgets and managing projects including contract management, data management and maintenance to enable early stage exploration activities. (3) Ensuring the exploration and production goals are achieved and opportunities identified through liaison with customers, contractors, government agencies and other partners and stakeholders. (4) Ensuring compliance with government regulations including HSE, Security and Social Development.
Developing strategic joint ventures and alliances that build capability, share resources and manage risks to the benefit of the Company.
Corporate Secretary
The Secretary is a citizen and resident of the Philippines. He shall keep the minutes of all the meetings of the stockholders, of the Board of Directors, and of all committees in a book kept for the purpose and shall furnish a copy of all such minutes to the President of the company.
In addition to the foregoing, the Secretary shall perform such other duties as Board of Directors may from time to time direct. He shall keep in safe custody the seal of the Company, and when authorized by the Board of Directors he shall affix such seal to any instrument requiring the same. The corporate seal of the Company so affixed shall always be attested by the signature of the Secretary or an Assistant Secretary.
The Secretary shall have charge of the stock certificate book and such other books and papers as the board may direct. He shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices, and he shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as pertain to his officers or as the Board of Directors may from time to time prescribe.
In the absence of the Secretary or his inability to act, the Assistant Secretary designated by the Board of Directors shall have all the foregoing powers and duties.
Adrian S. Arias
Corporate Secretary
AVP - Exploration and Production
The AVP reports directly to the Vice President for Exploration and Production and is responsible for: 1. Assisting in the implementation of the organization’s E&P programs. 2. Managing the exploration group’s oil and gas resource evaluation activities and prioritize exploration opportunities and their value. 3. Providing input to strategic decisions that affect the functional area of responsibility. 4. Developing annual exploration work programs and budgets. 5. Ensuring that the exploration goals are achieved on time within budget. 6. Overseeing that the company’s exploration and production initiatives are in compliance with government regulatory requirements. 7. Overseeing a staff of technical professionals. 8. Resolving escalated issues arising from operations and requiring coordination with other departments, regulatory agencies and joint venture partners.
Arturo B. Maulion
AVP - Exploration & Production
AVP - Finance
Assistant VP for Finance is responsible for managing the financial operations of the Company and is involved in the financial planning, budgeting, implementing accounting procedures and reporting to the CFO/Treasurer.
The Assistant VP for Finance is in charge of Accounting and Financial Reporting. Ensures that financial transactions are properly recorded in the books of accounts in accordance with Philippine Accounting Standards and Philippine Financial Reporting Standards.
He assists the Treasurer in the supervision and maintenance of the Company’s internal control system and assures protection of the business assets through the proper implementation of internal control procedures and obtaining adequate insurance coverage.
The Assistant VP helps in the administration of tax policies and procedures and monitors compliance with existing tax laws. He coordinates with the preparation and submission of financial reports to Government Agencies (BIR, DOE, SEC, PSE), Banks and to the Stockholders.
Jennifer P. Tombaga
AVP - Finance
Assistant Corporate Secretary /
Compliance Officer
The Assistant Corporate Secretary assists in carrying out the corporate secretary's duties, including attending and taking minutes during meetings of board of directors and board committees and preparing drafts of meeting minutes.
The Compliance Officer shall monitor compliance by the Company with the Revised Code of Corporate Governance for PLCs (the “Code”), the rules and regulations of regulatory agencies, and, if any violations are found, report the matter to the Board and recommend the imposition of appropriate disciplinary action on the responsible parties and the adoption of measures to prevent a repetition of the violation.
The Compliance Officer is the Company’s representative before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and appear upon summons on matters that need to be clarified by the SEC. He is responsible for determining violation/s of the Revised Manual and recommend penalty for violation thereof, subject to review and approval of the Board.
The Compliance Officer shall identify, monitor and control compliance risks.
asst corp secretary
Josephine L. Ilas
Asst. Corp. Secretary & Compliance Officer
Violeta B. de Leon
Internal Auditor
Internal Auditor
Independent internal audit function shall be performed by the Internal Auditor.  The Board, Senior Management and Stockholders shall be provided with reasonable assurance that the Company’s key organizational and procedural controls are effective, appropriate and complied with.
The Internal Auditor reports to the Audit Committee. He shall implement the minimum internal control mechanisms for Management’s operational responsibility which shall focus on the CEO, being ultimately accountable for the Company’s organizational and procedural controls.
The Internal Auditor shall help in crafting and implementing a system of effective organizational and procedural controls based on the following factors: (1) the nature and complexity of business and the business culture; (2) the volume, size and complexity of transactions; (3) the degree of risk; (4) the degree of centralization and delegation of authority; (5) the extent and effectiveness of information technology; and, (6) the extent of regulatory compliance.


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